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    My quick ideas for the Server rules (Draft)


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    My quick ideas for the Server rules (Draft)

    Post  RussianLord on Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:05 am

    Here is a just a quick rule set I am doing late just because there is nothing on this topic and it is quite a vital one.

    Rules for players
    Rule 1: No Killing or Harming someone unless you are a an enemy rank such as traitor or changeling etc.
    Rule 2: Follow Space law while you are rping or you will be quickly arrested or banned for not doing so.
    Rule 3: You are not allowed to talk about In Character events or actions in OOC except who someone's character name is( Only for crew on the station not, it is still IC OOC if you talk about who is the traitor).
    Rule 4: Try to be mature, The admins are most likely older then you so basically just say full sentences in English and have at least a 4th grade understanding of grammar.
    Rule 5: All rules apart from 4 Still apply in sandbox rounds but IC OOC will now not be punished as there will most likely be next to no RPing in such a loose round.
    Rule 6: Admins know best, They were able to get adminship on here and probably on other servers, If you think an admin banned someone for the wrong reason or if you were treated wrong then we do have a forum.
    Rule 7: No OOC battles. OOC battles about what game you like or hate that force everyone to read your spam is not allowed. If you speak in OOC then speak in simple sentences and do not spam endless nonsense.
    Rule 8: No meme spam. The cake is a lie and other over used memes are not funny, over use or an arrow to the knee joke that no one likes may get you a boot or a short ban.
    Rule 9: No multijobing. Your character is not a god dam computer, they can't spit out facts about every job on the station, the job you picked is all you are good at unless you are a head or AI.
    Rule 10: No Racism. Racism and other slangs will get you banned faster then the speed of light. We do not take racism or slangs on this server.
    Rule 11: Other admin laws must be followed. If an admin says that you can't go there because it will crash the server or that you are not allowed to kill this round even if you are a traitor then you do it. If you think they are messing with you then by all means talk to us on the forums.

    This is just a quick list, Say what you like and add what you like, I don't care.

    {Amazing rules but no one cared, will they care after the 7 months, that is for us to see}


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    Re: My quick ideas for the Server rules (Draft)

    Post  _jesterk3 on Tue May 22, 2012 12:11 am


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    Re: My quick ideas for the Server rules (Draft)

    Post  Nernums on Thu May 31, 2012 3:32 pm

    The idea behind rules is to make sure people know them.

    Making a long list will not make people read them, it will deter them.

    Thus, less rules is better

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    Re: My quick ideas for the Server rules (Draft)

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